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Saxophone Lessons 

Yaacov Mayman offers Saxophone lessons  in Staten Island  and the New York  Area and Virtual . During lessons every woodwind student will become well-versed in the following aspects of wind  performance:

  1. Breath Support, Posture and Tone Production

  2. Fluid Technique, Basic Scales and Chords

  3. Intonation, Rhythmic Integrity and Ensemble Methods

  4. Expressiveness and Musicality

  5. Enjoyment, Practice Methods and Meeting your Goals

  6. Jazz Improvisation 

  7. Music Reeding 

Take your skills to the next level

The saxophone lessons curriculum is built around these core ingredients and is modified significantly based on the age, needs, level and interests of the student.

Email or call Yaacov for a free consultation at 1-347-938-4388 

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